Flagship Display
Lead Designer


Develop a large display installation to create a brand presence for Espolon at top retailers. The installation should be within a 10’x10’ footprint. The display installation must have an anchor unit that works on its own or in conjunction with additional display pieces.

Espolon Flagship Display

The Espolon Brand Story

Named for the spur of the rooster, which is a national symbol of pride, Espolon is a tribute to the true storied culture of Mexico. The label borrows from the past and gives it a modern twist. Each label tells a story from Mexico's rich history and pays tribute to José Guadalupe Posada; a 19th century artist and printmaker. His most famous work, The Calavera (skulls), was a powerful commentary on the social injustices of his time.


  • surprise elements
  • layered components
  • dimensional cavaleras
  • on brand materials
  • selfie moments
Espolon project inspiration


While investigating a way to draw attention to the brand, I explored elements that would prompt store guests to take selfies to share on social media. In turn, drawing attention to the brand beyond the retail space.

Based on the previous inspiration mood board, the following concepts examine large shadow box dioramas, life size figurines, screen printed mirrors, custom bar tables, premium items, and a video screen that creates a virtual "reflection" of the store guest in the like of a cavalera.


The Blanco label illustration, "Let's start a Revolution'', was the focal point of the display. Screen printing the illustration on large clear acrylic panels created an illusion of animated characters and kept sightlines from being obstructed.

Brand presence was reinforced with logos on all four sides of the unit. A large floor decal greeted the store guest as they approached the front and back sides of the unit.

In collaboration with the factory we determined the best method of construction to maintain design integrity, and price.

For shipping considerations and ease of assembly, the unit was designed to break down into three separate sections.


The final design maintained the use of screen printed acrylic panels. A small museum plaque was added with the “Let's Start a Revolution'' story inscribed on it. For additional cost savings, the floor decals were removed and header panels were implemented rather than using laser cut logos.

Due to the positive response and success of the display, Campari requested a smaller version to accommodate smaller retail spaces.

Espolon project concept
Espolon project concept
Espolon project concept