Amiibo Kiosk
Lead Design on Team concept


Develop a kiosk to demonstrate and educate consumers on Nintendo’s new toy-to-life platform: Amiibo. An Amiibo is a Nintendo game figurine that connects via NFC technology to interact with video game software across different Nintendo game platforms.

Nintendo Amiibo Kiosk


  • reflect legacy & current components
  • simple shapes
  • unexpected illumination
  • product design language
Nintendo Amiibo project inspiration


The product's name was not yet established at the early stages of ideation. To establish brand positioning we designed a temporary logo.

Numerous concepts were generated to explore various ways to showcase the Amiibo product and demonstrate how it interacts with the Wii U and 3DS platforms. Consideration was also given to different positioning within the corresponding gondola space and to anti-theft solutions.

I explored numerous forms based on the inspiration provided by the client, Nintendo's brand DNA, and the variety of electronic components needed.

Nintendo Amiibo project ideation
Nintendo Amiibo project inspiration


Nintendo Amiibo refinement
Nintendo Amiibo refinement


The kiosk showcased five different Amiibo figurines. An eye catching, fun, and colorful edge lit back panel was implemented to catch the attention of store guests. An interactive touch screen provided information about the different Amiibo figurines and a character filled header created an emotional connection to the Nintendo brand.

Amiibo kiosks were installed into several retail chains including GameStop, Best Buy, Walmart, Target, and Toys"R"us.

The Amiibo kiosk was a 2015 Design of the Times award winner!

Nintendo Amiibo project concept
Nintendo Amiibo project concept

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