Brand Upgrade Display
Lead Designer


Create a premium interactive Brand Space to display VIZIO's best-in-class picture and audio quality products using premium materials and finishes. In an effort to save on costs, consider using as much of the existing display components as possible. The space must display four 65" to 75" TVs with the option to add a fifth TV if desired.

Vizio Brand Upgrade Display


Each concept focused on the shopper journey by creating a visual starting point and utilizing the 30’-5’-1’ rule.

Display space was limited due to the size and amount of products. Sketching over rough 3D CAD models assured that the concept explorations would work.

Material Exploration

  • Premium fingerprint resistant materials.
  • Acoustic board and fabrics for sound control.
  • Black wood grains for subtle texture.
  • Metallic silver and VIZIO red as an accent color.
  • Illuminated areas to brighten the space.

Header Exploration

Header explorations involved various illuminated accents, clear edge lit acrylic, frosted acrylic, solid black, and dark wood grain laminates.


To be cost conscious, the final concept utilized the existing display back panels. A new framework was developed that attached to the heat wall through existing openings in the back panels allowing for new components to be added.

The shopper journey was centrally located along the metallic silver column. Information was organized reading from top to bottom starting with the branding, sub-branding, general messaging, product comparison charts, and pricing. Information panels could be reconfigured to add a fifth TV.

The illuminated logos created a brand presence from a 30’ distance. The accent lighting created visual interest and brightened the space without interfering with the TV screens.