Discovery Table Sound Bar Display
Lead Designer


Create a display for six sound bars on Target’s Discovery Table. A single sound bar solution for the table ends and a double sound bar tiered solution for the inline sections. When choosing materials and colors consider the aesthetic of the table. Consider product positioning based on tabletop placement in relation to the guests' ears. The fixture solutions are to remain within the footprint of the tabletop and keep the display components low due to the TV’s displayed behind the table.

Target Discovery Table & Sound Bar Display


Pod shapes incorporating the table’s aesthetic, various control positions, cord management strategies, and various graphic locations were investigated.

Material Exploration

  • Solid surface to match existing table top
  • Clear & transparent plastics
  • Matching wood grain
  • Acoustic board and fabrics for sound control


Each pod set utilizes a membrane touch pad to activate the desired sound system. Touch pad icons and pod edges illuminate to provide visual feedback correlating to the active soundbar and subwoofer.

An integrated graphic channel on the front of each pod displays benefit and feature information. Cord management was achieved with a formed back to hide and maintain cords.

The center graphic module hosts additional messaging opportunities without disrupting site lines.