Milwaukee Tool

Colony Lighting DC
Lead Designer


Colony Hardware provides tools, equipment, fasteners, supplies, and safety products, as well as rental and repair services to commercial construction and industrial clients.

Milwaukee Tool was given the opportunity to create a branded store-in-store space within Colony Hardware for their lighting products.

Project Criteria

Create a job site atmosphere within a 10'x10' space utilizing rough construction materials. Incorporate a large video monitor to display product details and brand messaging. A 2’x6’ area for shelving is required to display smaller lighting products.

Milwaukee Tool Colony Lighting DC


Milwaukee Tool Colony Lighting DC


The final concept utilized Milwaukee Tools’ strut display system in conjunction with a short cinder block wall to mount the video monitor and display smaller lighting products.

Steel studs and I-beams framed in the outer areas of the space. Electrical conduit, copper, and iron piping were used as additional construction elements to complete a job site-like look. A life size graphic depicting a job site with an array of lighting products was added as an additional visual reference.

Milwaukee Tool Colony Lighting DC concept
Milwaukee Tool Colony Lighting DC concept